LED Drummers Tech Spec


  • A performance using beat sensitive LED drums and costumes 
  • This performance can either be freestyle/walkabout or a stage show
  • The stage show is a front-on show which look best within 60º either side of centre.

Optional extras

  • If any Pixel Umbrellas are booked you will need to provide one member for you’re events staff per umbrella. We will need 5mins to train your staff prior to the show. The staff will be spinning the umbrella in the finale of the show.

Set length

  • either a 10mins show
  • or up to 3 x 30mins walkabout set

Number of crew

  • up to eight performers
  • one Technician for shows

Requirements for show

  • Stage/performance space: Five person – 8m x 4m (minimum 6m*2m)
  • Height above performance area: 2m 
  • 30mins set up time on stage (minimum 15mins) 
  • Our laptop needs to be set-up within 2m of the stage and next to where the performers enter 
  • One 13A British plug socket
  • One changing room
  • Sheltered from any rain (if outside)
  • Van access (UK performances only)

Recommendations for show

  • The performance area is raised
  • Audience remains seated for the show

Requirements for Walkabout

  • One changing room
  • Sheltered from any rain (if outside)
  • Van access (UK performances only)


  • Blackout or as close to as can be achieved for the duration to the show.
  • House lights up for final bow


  • We recommend that for large venues the drums are amplified using DPA 4099 D-clip mic and senheiser g3 wireless system.

N.B. We do not provide mics or sound system as standard. Although this can be arranged as an option extra

 For Overseas performances

  • We will need two hold bags per performer.
  • We will need access to 13A, 240V power supply and two UK adaptors
  • Accommodation, food and all transport from the airport needs to be provided.