Glow Bots Walkabout

Our stunning Glow-bot characters have just stepped out of the world of Sci-Fi and into your event! These, our brightest costumes to date, boast more than one thousand LEDs – perfect for when you need to grab attention and make an impact! They are also fully customisable with each LED capable of 16million colours, so we can match your branding and theme exactly. (That’s over 8 trillion possible light states every second, but who’s counting.) 

Our Glow-bots can either be ground-based and armed with holographic spinners or boosted up into the air with spring stilts, making this a versatile and highly dynamic performance.


3 x 40 minutes


2 – 5 person



Glow Bots ultra bright LED suits, holographic spinners, bounce stilts

Client Logo

Yes – Displayed on holographic spinners