Glow Bots

Our stunning Glow-bot characters have just stepped out of the world of Sci-Fi and into your event! These, our brightest costumes to date, boast more than one thousand LEDs which makes them perfect for when you need to grab attention and make an impact! 

Working in collaboration with one of the UK’s leading street dance crews this act blends high-tech with incredible dance to take your guests into the heart of the matrix. Watching this act you will discover the normal rules of reality no longer apply, gravity can be bent, distance distorted and time warped!

Whilst touring this act we have found that it appeals equally to both young and old. All who watch are transported through a world of energy at blistering speed and left astounded and unbelieving at what they have witnessed.

Show combination

Glow Bots can combine with Photon Juggle to create a 20 minute show


1 x 4 mins show 


5 person


Glow Bots ultra bright LED suits, Street Dancers 



Option to add Ground based Glow Bots 

Dreamtech Staff 

1 Technician