Glow Drummers

Our fantastic glow drumming show combines the lively sound of drumming with stunning visuals and choreography, to create a fun and engaging show suitable for any age range or size of audience. Our professional drummers, covered head to toe in smart tailored LED light costumes, weave beats, rhythms and light to create a stunning dynamic glow show. Their drums are equipped with the latest in beat-sensitive technology that allows our performers to flash and sparkle perfectly in time with the music. Disappearing and reappearing within a single drum beat!

This performance is available as a high impact stage show, great for corporate events, but is flexible enough to be performed as a walkabout, with drummers snaking through your crowds. It is also perfect for leading parades that need a spectacular beginning. For the ultimate experience we can even offer both a walkabout performance and a stage show to truly wow your guests.


Glow Drummers can booked as a walkabout or for a procession for 3 x 40 minutes.


1 x 10 or 

2 x 5 minute shows 



3 or 5 person


LED suits, LED drums, Drummers 


Option as walkabout 


Dreamtech Staff 

1 Technician