Photon Acro Show

Combining the grace and skills of acro-balance, with our state of the art technology, the resulting show is a magical experience unlike anything else you will have seen. Our acrobats use custom-made LED costumes to disappear and reappear in precarious balances, passing lights back and to be both high impact, and beautiful, creating a show your guests will remember. With a subtle narrative woven in, the performance will take you though a world of love overcoming all.

The show incorporates our custom designed pixel props and brand new catherine wheel – which can display your logos or images on a 10ft wide wall of light into the show at no extra cost, to create a branded finale perfect for your event’s theme that will leave your audience breathless


Show combination

Acro can combine with Photon Juggle & Cyr Wheel to create a 20 minute show



1 x 9 mins show 


2 person Duo 


LED suits, Acrobats, pixel poi and Catherine Wheel 


Client Logo 

Yes – Displayed on pixel poi and Catherine Wheel 


Dreamtech Staff 

1 Technician