Photon Glow Show

This spectacular show is guaranteed to astonish and delight audiences of all sizes and ages, with its fast paced, ultra high impact effects and performances. It is stuffed full of world class, tailor-made light kit that you can not see anywhere else, including bespoke LED suits, giant glow hoop-cubes, pixel poi and staffs, and featuring our Glow Catherine Wheel – a 10ft high spinning wall of light; the only one in the world.

This show has been performed across the globe and will create an unforgettable extravaganza of light at your event. 

We know your event does not fit into a box, so we make sure to taylor our performance around your needs. We can do this by programming your logos and images into the show so that they are revealed in mid-air during our impressive finale, for no additional cost. We can also vary our show length to suit your running times, and are flexible about stage size and performance spaces. 

Show combination

Photon Glow Shows can be performed as a Trio or 5 person to include our LED Cyr Wheel Acrobat.


1 x 10 or 1 x 15 minute shows 


3 or 5 person multi-disciplinary Circus 


Juggling, Hoop-Cubes, Poi, Staffs, Cyr and Catherine Wheel 

Client Logo 

Yes – Displayed on Pixel Poi and Catherine Wheel 


Option to add Glow Bots or Twilight Circus 

Dreamtech Staff 

1 Technician